These are the things that I use to make and run this website

Alertify.js Icon Alertify.js - Status and error messages
async.js Icon async.js - utilities for asynchronous JavaScript
Bootstrap Icon Bootstrap - HTML/CSS Framework
CloudFlare Icon CloudFlare - CDN
DayNightOverlay - Google Maps overlay to show daytime/nighttime
Font Awesome Icon Font Awesome - Icon font
git Icon git - Version control
Github Icon Github - git hosting
Google Analytics Icon Google Analytics - Tracking data
Google Maps Icon Google Maps - the map!
Jekyll Icon Jekyll - Static site generator
jQuery Icon jQuery - JavaScript library
Noah Marcuse - logo and favicon
Travis-CI Icon Travis-CI - continuous integration and deployment
W3C Markup Validation Service Icon W3C Markup Validation Service - HTML file validation
Wikimedia Commons Icon Wikimedia Commons - Animated spinner
Wufoo Icon Wufoo - Contact form